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We inevitably end up in the same bed together at some point. Usually, it’s right before bedtime. Both of our sons (ages 2 and 5) take a while to wind down at night. My wife and I have found that the best way to get them to sleep is to hang out in our room reading books until they can’t keep their eyes open any longer. And have I mentioned that we’re usually joined by our very large and very cuddly pit bull?

Sometimes, they’ll even fall asleep in our bed and stay there until we move them to their room. Sometimes, we even doze off in those early evening hours and end up taking a brief, impromptu nap together. Our story is not uncommon. In fact, it is one example of the many reasons people may consider upgrading their sleep with an oversized bed.

There are a few different oversized bed options, but the biggest and most popular is the Alaskan King Bed. This massive bed measures an astounding nine feet by nine feet (or 108” x 108”). That’s a lot of bed. No doubt, you may be wondering about the practical applications of such an enormous piece of furniture.

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Great Sleep for the Whole Family

Alaskan King Beds are wonderful for families that practice some kind of co-sleeping. Though it’s always been around to some extent, co-sleeping is becoming more common. Some of the purported advantages of co-sleeping include:

  • More restorative sleep cycles (especially for parents with infants)
  • Increased intimacy and a chance to bond
  • Health benefits, such as regulating a baby’s breathing, body temperature, and weight

The debate over co-sleeping continues among health and childcare professionals. Whether you choose to engage in co-sleeping or not is a personal decision. Most recommend first consulting with your pediatrician.

But buying a big bed for your family doesn’t have to mean everyone sleeps together all the time. Sometimes, it’s just nice to have a (super) cozy place for your whole family to hang out. Think story time, movie nights, or even breakfast in bed. Alaskan King Beds provide an intimate setting with enough room for everyone to be comfortable.

More Room for Two

Even people without kids can benefit from having more surface area to sleep on. Queen beds are still the most popular size in the United States. However, more couples are opting for king size beds for an improved sleep experience. No matter how much they love their partners, there are some people who just can’t get enough space at night. The Alaskan King Bed offers extra room for each person. Enjoy the freedom move around at night without interrupting your partner (or being interrupted). This also makes Alaskan King Beds a great choice for couples with opposing schedules. Get in and out of bed at any time without disturbing your loved one.

Space to Spread Out

For the tallest folks among us, the California King size bed is usually the best option available. These beds offer 84 inches (or seven feet) of length. They’re also slightly narrower than the regular king size bed. That tradeoff isn’t always ideal , since the especially tall tend to have long arms and legs. Alaskan King Beds (and other oversized beds) offer more room to spread out in all directions.


Let’s not forget the other family members who often make their way into our sleeping space. In the United States, 45% of dog owners sleep with their pets, and 62% of cats share a bed with their humans.

Sharing a bed is an important part of pet parenting for many people. For bonding, of course, but also sometimes for safety and security. If this is the case for you, you’ll want to make sure you have a bed that can accommodate them. Especially if you have a big dog or many pets. Our Alaskan King Beds offer the size, strength, and durability to support everything from chihuahuas to Saint Bernards.

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Luxury Lifestyles

Nothing screams leisure like lounging around on the biggest bed in the world. The tasteful modern style of our Alaskan King Beds boasts elegance and sophistication.

Truly massive master bedrooms can make even a king or California king size bed look minuscule. From a design perspective, an Alaskan King Bed makes better use of the space in an extra large room. This makes it both functionally and stylistically practical for oversized spaces.

Alaskan King Beds are also a great option for luxury hotel rooms or high-end vacation rentals. Especially in expensive and lavish locations. Treat your guests to an extravagant and unforgettable sleep experience. It will certainly give them something to remember and talk about.

Alaskan King Platform Bed Neutral Oatmeal Headboard Side - 800x445

Outfitting Your Alaskan King

Is an Alaskan King Bed starting to sound like the right fit for you and your life? Just know that getting a strong, sturdy, and durable bed frame is only half the battle. Oversized mattresses and bedding aren’t easy to manufacture on a mass scale. Luckily, we provide our very own high-quality, custom-made mattresses and bedding.


Our oversized memory foam mattresses are 10” high with a one-inch foam cotton quilt on top. They’re made to provide relief to your hips and shoulders and keep you cool while you sleep. There is also no motion transfer with these mattresses.


Our oversized bedding options include sheet sets, mattress pads, and duvet inserts and covers. Everything is made from or encased in 100% Bamboo Lyocell. Like our oversized mattresses, the bedding ensures a cool and soothing sleep experience.

Other Considerations

Getting an oversized bed frame and mattress into your home can present some unique challenges. It’s certainly something to consider when making a purchase this big.

For your convenience, our Alaskan King Bed frames come in multiple boxes to be assembled in your home. We even offer a White Glove Delivery option to assist with assembly. Our Alaskan King mattresses also come in components spread across multiple boxes.

Always have at least one other person available to help you move your bed frame and mattress.

Is an Alaskan King Bed Right for You?

Now that you’re a bona fide expert on this particular oversized bed, it might be a good time to check out our Alaskan King Beds to see if it could fit into your life and your space.

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